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Name: Leos Klein
Canon: Armored Core: Master of Arena/Armored Core 2 (Corporate Post-Apocalyptic Cyberpunk Setting with Mecha - From Software made canon  so LOTS of despair and moral ambiguity.)
PB: Misogi Kumagawa (Medeka Box)

Leos in Armored Core: Master of Arena
Originally a blank slate as a player character in AC:MoA aside from the fact his family was killed in a conflict when he was still a young man. Rather than have Leos simply be an angst ridden, grimly determined avenger I decided on playing him as a cheerful, playful, sociable dork with rather questionable ethics and moral code (i.e. Revenge is morally awesome, murder is a perfect solution for dealing with bad people). Despite his chipper attitude and childish behavior he's definitely no fool as he managed to become an absolutely terrifying mercenary through trial and error without any prior combat experience (which probably made what PTSD he already had even worse). Additionally in this setting aside from combat missions, mercenaries engage in mechanized gladiatorial matches for the entertainment of people.

Some time during his career he had possibly hit a particularly low point, barely surviving missions and possibly having a string of defeats, leading to Leos undertaking Human PLUS augmentations. Said augmentations allow for those who undergo them greater strength, durability and if the augmented are pilots - the capability of pushing their machines to limits beyond what an ordinary human being is capable of by literally plugging into them and utilizing them as if they were their own body. However the augmentation process has an extremely high fatality rate and a number of people who underwent the process developed mental instabilities up to and including insanity due to the surgeries being immensely invasive and traumatic at best. Other side effects include muscle stiffening - making actions involving manual dexterity difficult.

Additionally Leos has a problem of being used by people he trusts - his handler as a mercenary (who on a side note had also recruited him, offering a chance at revenge) Lana Nielsen turned out to be observing his progress to gauge him as a threat to her own plans before leading him into a number of traps culminating in a particularly damning reveal that she was an AI. The same AI that instigated the conflict that killed Leos' family and also was personally responsible for their deaths with the usage of another of its identities - The top dog of Mercenaries in the setting - Hustler One.

Leos successfully eliminated the AI... though there were consequences. As it turns out it was regulating the Corporations that dominated his setting, along with the prolific mercenary group he was a part of. Without the AI's control, all groups now off its leash became significantly worse than they had been before.

tl;dr: Cheerful cyborg goofball with plenty of trauma and messed up moral code underneath. Smarter and more vicious than he looks. Made life in his setting worse in long run. Can plug his brain into machines.

Other Details:
  • Headcanoning Leos' age around this time to be about 18-19 years old.
  • Human Plus Augmentations are internal. Leos' nature as an augmented human is not apparent unless someone physically interacts with him (Trying to lift him, grab him, punch him, etc.) or he interfaces with machinery.
  • Has an addiction to pudding. (headcanoned quirk)
  • Defeating Hustler-One gave him the reputation of being an unstoppable mercenary - further solidified when all attempts to dethrone him from the arena fell short.
  • At some point he retired to help with the Mars Colonization project.
  • Leos has an immense amount of surgical scars across his body and is extremely self conscious of them.

Leos Klein in Armored Core 2

Leos returns in the sequel to his game, but this time as the big bad.

Armored Core 2 takes place on Mars which has been partially terraformed and also now has its own Corporations and own branch of Mercenaries. Unsurprisingly Mars is also kept on a tight leash by Earth. Other disadvantages from living on the red planet aside from the regular acts of corporate warfare, terrorism and biological experiments and mutations gone wrong include hordes of roving automatons of alien origin that are unbelievably old.

Leos is introduced into the game as the leader of the Frighteners - a group that follows the orders of the martian government that had been put into place by Earth. The group's purpose was to bludgeon the martian corporations into obedience where the government had failed - something they had achieved with immense results.  However Leos later betrays the Martian Government once the corporations are cowed, decapitating its power structure and leading a coup to take control of Mars. Showing surprising charisma and also utilizing his reputation he manages to sway a significant amount of Mercenaries to his cause without a single dollar spent - promising a world dedicated only to them. It was a lie of course. Something he revealed to the last of his followers before executing them personally.

The endgame takes place on the martian moon of Phobos - revealed to be an ancient Martian battle station and filled to the brim with the Automatons that had been rampaging across the surface of Mars. All of them and the moon itself under Leos' control - possibly due to a mixture of his own knowledge from his time on Mars, as well as his augmentations. Here it is revealed that he realized that humans could not live alone without strict supervision. A fact that reveals that in the years since his defeat of the AI he had come to realize that for all the pain it caused him personally its presence as a whole was beneficial to mankind which has in the time since fallen far. His goals as it turns out was an attempt to bring back the 'old ways' and under control. A plan that involved bringing down Phobos onto the surface of Mars - devastating it and forcing both planets into a bad position in which strict control had to be maintained to ensure survival.

When he is defeated however and Phobos is now falling through the Martian Atmosphere, Leos proves to be graceful in defeat as he gives the player character the information they need to destroy the moon before it causes any damage and escape. As he awaits his death by incineration he simply asks the player what is it they wish for. The same question he was asked by the AI when he had destroyed it so many years ago.

tl;dr: Now more mature, cunning and charismatic, has many regrets. Considerably more ruthless. Has even greater control over machines.

Other Details:
  • By this point Leos has become more machine than man, and what few biological parts he has have practically forgotten how to age as a side effect of his Human Plus augmentations.
  • It is canonically revealed that he is around 90 years of age come the time of AC2. However his skills and knowledge have grown sharply instead of deteriorating.
  • Still addicted to pudding (headcanoned quirk)
  • Headcanoned appearance as of AC2
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